Useful posts about social media branding for b2c brands

There are many apps out there that are available for both consumers and businesses but at times it gets difficult to distinguish between what is effective for me to use as a business and what’s just fun and games.  We decided it would be a great idea to try and cover some apps that brands are currently using which a)increase the consumer’s engagement with the brand and b)help drive virality of campaigns.

This seemingly overnight phenomenon, with over 10.5 million active users, has both consumers and brands addicted to its picture sharing interest board. Brands such as Whole Foods have taken advantage of this app to drive user engagement by pinning relevant content about their quality products, eco-friendly news and recycling tips – all consistent with the Whole Foods philosophy. Not only do they produce content for their pinboards, they are also actively involved in pinning fans’ content as well.  When 1 in 4 consumers buy through Pinterest, it’s no surprise brands are making an effort to get involved in the action.

Bookshaka is an app which enables Facebook Page Managers to view and reward their top most loyal fans.  With Bookshaka, brands are able to motivate user engagement through a rewards system and even take it as far as reward their top fans.  This is a great app to help drive user engagement and build value for the consumer / fan.

Wildfire app has been around for quite some time and is one of the few contest-sharing apps that has made an effort to innovate with the new Facebook Timeline changes.  Wildfire app lets your business create contests, promotions and also create a static-welcome page to help increase “Likes” on your page (something many other contest apps like PinPoint Social have failed to accomplish).

This fashion Facebook app has been on the radar for many retailers for the past year.  With exponential growth and 2011 Black Friday sales reaching $1.1 million, this app enables fans to share their shopping experiences directly on Facebook – something retailers drool over thanks to the added exposure and user engagement with their products….sounds familiar?

Yes, brands can use this music sharing app to their benefit to drive user engagement and have fun with their fans! Although it’s not readily available yet in Canada, a source tells me that they are in the process of extending its availability to Cannuck fans. An interesting use that some retailers are doing is creating their in-store playlists and sharing them with consumers via Spotify (by sharing the link on a receipt or business card).

An app that enables you to share your outfits on Timeline? Sounds good to us! With users like Rachel Zoe sharing their outfits on Pose, how can you go wrong? Pose creates a social experience by enabling fashionistas to tag outfits on multiple categories and by brand, which have retailers jumping in joy for the free user engagement and exposure. Brands are also creating Pose Profiles and sharing outfits from their catalogues with their Facebook Fans; brands like use the app to share new product-launches via untouched candid photos.

Named one of the top 50 F-Comm apps of 2011, is your full-service e-commerce provider.  Not only do they specialize in e-commerce for your website, with their Facebook Connect plugin, brands are able to gain added exposure and analytics from users who use Facebook to access their product stores and shop online.

This app is somewhat similar to the idea of, in that it enables users to share and tag their favourite brands’ products through Facebook Twitter and other social media through incentive-based rewards.  Brands have been using this app for its feature spots to have their products highlighted within the user section of the app – increasing exposure and engagement.  Some interesting statistics from this app show that users are 65% more likely to share an item the love and 5% more likely to share an item they buy, eluding to the importance of brands having to bridge the social and commerce gap.

An online “wish-registry” that enables fans to create wish-lists through Facebook and share these lists with friends in their network. Brands like Bulgari, have created shopping wish-lists for their Fans so that they can shop from the comfort of their own home; they even went so far as saving “wished” items for Fans who intended on purchasing.

This app has been around for quite some time in the world of apps but there’s no question of its benefits for brands to share live video content with their fans.  With Facebook and website integration, this app enables brands to easily (and almost always) seamlessly, share fun or more serious content instantly.

It’s no question that the Timeline implementation has been a major step in the right direction in increasing Fan engagement and interactions with the brands but the next year will really be interesting to see how app developers use Timeline to their advantage to continue creating apps that drive engagement and ultimately convert.

Do you know of any other great apps brands are using?

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