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FansFave application “Builds the Love” with your Facebook Fans

Our generations are the last generations that will remember what life was like before the internet. When we were growing up, our families made purchasing decisions based on previous knowledge and recommendations from family and friends. Today, society and technology has advanced sufficiently to allow us to connect with friends and family through the use of ‘Social Networks’. Millions of people now discuss products and make recommendations through Facebook every day. From shoes to dresses, cars to books, travel destinations to music, entertainment to cell phones, and a plethora of other products and categories, you only have to login to Facebook and read your news feed to see this behavior in full effect.

It is time for brands to capitalize on this social behavior. Last year was the tipping point for brands and social media. A lot of marketing dollars now funnel to our Facebook Fan Pages. Over the past few years, brands and companies have invested a lot of time and money attempting to build Fan Page numbers, engage fans, and ultimately, drive sales.

Well, we have sure built a lot of fans but if you look closely, on average only about 3% of people are actively engaged.


LG 0.87% “talking about this”

Aldo 2.7% “talking about this”

Gap 6.0% “talking about this”

You get the picture. Although the average Facebook user spends a lot of time on Facebook, if there isn’t enough social content or interesting things to engage with, they’ll just click on something else demanding their attention, off they go deeper down the rabbit hole, your brand a fading memory. The problem is that most social engagement methods are not sustainable. As soon as the brand stops blasting out deals, contests, funny content or news, the engagement plummets. After all, we all use Facebook to socialize with other people, not read about brand and companies, right?

The reality is, brands and companies that sell online are not as effective as they could be when it comes to using their Facebook page. They forget the most important thing after positive brand awareness and engagement: driving sales. Most Fan Pages have limited content with respect to products – and therefore, limited methods for fans to build relationships with other fans and the Brand’s products.

We developed FansFave to help solve this problem.

Current Solutions

Many brands have tried to adopt social eCommerce platforms  in order to sell their products directly on their Facebook pages. However, these technologies require lengthy and painful integration with a brands existing eCommerce platform, or require a separate system altogether. Asking brands and companies to re-add their products to a “Facebook storefront” is a huge pain-in-the-you-know-what, and can be very costly, not only monetarily, but in our most valuable asset: time.

Even after you go through the painstaking process of adding everything manually, what happens when prices change, or you add or drop a product? As of now you have to update your website AND your Facebook Fan Page. If a very limited number of products are sold, you may be able to live with the pain (although why would you want to?), but if you sell tens, hundreds or thousands of products like most online stores do, this can be a stumbling block in continuity and time. For this reason, most brands have not adopted these solutions, and this gap between Facebook and eCommerce still exists.

Our Solution

Over the past 10 months we have analyzed this problem extensively by collaborating with a number of major brands, small and medium businesses, as well as consumers. We have also worked closely with a class of MBA marketing students at a leading Canadian business school, and tested our assumptions against different consumer demographics, with brand/company owners, and social media specialists.

Using our findings,  we have created a technology that will solve this problem. This will change the way brands interact with their fans, while simplifying the online shopping experience by recommending products from their favorite brands and allowing them to learn from other like minded insight.

We would like to introduce FansFave: a new tool for brands and businesses to engage, promote and help sell products, directly inside their Facebook Fan Page, without the costly integration fees and massive time consumption that has always been associated with previous solutions.

FansFave automatically adds products from a brands/companies online store, by using an intelligent web crawler that can identify and parse  product web pages. The result is a beautifully arranged catalogue of products that fans can engage, recommend, and add to their favorites (Fave) right inside of Facebook. Although FansFave does not sell products directly on Facebook, the application focuses on building relationships between products and fans, to generate incremental value for all those valuable marketing dollars.

What’s in it for Consumers

The browsing experience for FansFave is different for everyone. We achieve this by using machine learning, and semantic analytics, but most importantly, it interprets the social presence of the product in relation with the things you and your friends “Fave”. The more a consumer uses FansFave, the better the recommendations become.

For example, if you “liked” Lacoste’s Facebook Fanpage and Lacoste had the FansFave application installed, you would simply check out the Fan Page to look at recommendations, and see what others are saying about Lacoste’s products, without leaving Facebook. If or when you are ready to make the purchase, just click on the photo and “Checkout” using the existing eCommerce platform as per their usual method.

How to get FansFave for a Facebook Page

ecommerce synchronization

Adding FansFave into a Facebook page is simple. Just go to and enter your eCommerce store URL, and press the “Get Started” button. Login to Facebook using your brand/company page, and within minutes, all of your products will be beautifully displayed inside your Facebook page, ready for fans to “Fave”, share, and purchase.

When new products are added to your eCommerce platform or when prices change, FansFave will automatically make those changes in your Facebook page. (example: Juzd Bamboo Designer)

Facebook has done a great job in connecting people with people, and people with brands, it’s our goal to make those connections stronger by connecting people and products, establishing relationships between like-minded consumers and these products, and Building the Love.

We are very excited to offer FansFave for free and we welcome your feedback and thoughts.


Yang, Steve and the Fans Fave Team

More info available, to contact us click here


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